mama, don't take my kodachrome away

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"How can I have feelings when my feelings have always been denied?"

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potential halloween costume ideas:

alex delarge
+ i can use my boots
+ and my hat
+ malcolm mcdowell was so hot in that movie
- dressing as alex delarge is hip as all hell

+ everyone loves freddie mercury way too much
+ fake moustache
+ it's kind of easy (if i am still friends with eric gonzalez in october)
- i kind of want to be glamorous 70s freddie rather than trackpants-and-leather-jacket-wearing 80s freddie. the latter would be far easier to pull off though
- if i dress up like live-aid-freddie, i will be really cold

liam gallagher
+ it'd be really funny (i think)
+ little to no effort
- ain't nothing cute about liam gallagher
- what if i can't get those perfectly circular sunglasses?!
- oasis has only made one good album
- everyone will just think i am wearing baggy clothes and sunglasses
- involves smoking more cigarettes than i would ever be willing to smoke ever


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